Lawn Fertilizing

Whether you have a small lawn, big lawn, business, or a football field, we have the right lawn fertilizing plan for you. If you have a pond or other water features, we have the right type of fertilizer for that too.

Wanting that bare-foot worthy thick lawn? A regular lawn feeding every 6-8 weeks is the key.  Our first application starts with crabgrass prevention and feeding.


Lawn Aeration and over-seeding

Spring and Fall are the best times to have your lawn aerated. If your lawn is struggling in areas or has bare spots, or just thin, having it aerated and over-seeded may be the boost that your lawn needs.

In some lawns the pH levels can become unbalanced, halting the growth of your lawn. A lime application may be needed in that instance.


Grub Control

Grubs are a continuing life cycle. In the Spring, mature grubs will move up into the upper layers of the soil, where they will transform into beetles in the early Summer to feed on plants in your flower bed or garden and then lay their eggs in the soil. In summer those eggs hatch and begin to feed on your lawn. This is when you see damage from animals digging to eat the grubs. Then in Fall you will see dead, loose areas of turf where the grubs have fed.


More about Grub Control...

We provide our Grub Control application in early Summer to prevent grub damage that shows up in the fall in the form of brown, loose turf.  Didn't get our Grub Control program but now you have those dead spots in your lawn? Call us for our help before you do anything to your lawn!

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on being family owned and operated. When you call us, you get one of us on the other end. Call us today with any questions you may have!

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Next Steps...

Call or email one of our licensed lawn care specialists today to find out what program is best for you! We can get you on a fertilizing program with Grub Control at Moolenaar Supreme Professional Lawn Care in De Motte, and covering Northwest Indiana