Lawn Fertilizing

Our current application is a combanation of lawn fertilizing and weed control.

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Aeration and Over-seeding

Aerating your lawn is one of the most important things you can do for your lawns health.  Some lawns may require an Over-seeding to help revitalize them.

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Grub Control

Grubs are the #1 living danger to your lawn.  Learn how to control and prevent them. Act now, May, June, and July are the crucial prevention months!

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Since 1993

Let Us Revive Your Lawn


At Moolenaar Supreme Professional Lawn Care, our 5 application lawn fertilizing plan includes an early Spring fertilizing application to help your lawn recover from Winter stress and we also apply a crabgrass prevention as well. 3 applications during late Spring, Summer, and late Summer concentrate on feeding your lawn to keep it healthy while controlling the growth of unwanted weeds.  Our fall application prepares your lawn for the harsh conditions it will face during the Winter, while a slow release fertilizer keeps it fed during those long months.

Noticing a lot of beetles during the summer and patches of dead grass in the fall? Notice damaged areas of your lawn where birds, raccoons, or skunks are digging? Then you need a Grub Control Program.

Does your lawn seem compacted or holds puddles of water for too long after it rains?  Then it probably needs to be aerated. Aeration is one of the most helpful things to do to a lawn.

Overseeding a lawn helps thicken a thin lawn or recover bare spots. Thickening the lawn will help it crowd out unwanted weeds.


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